Telluride, Colorado – 37.896302 -107.832800, 3416 meters

The Telluride Air Force (TAF) is the hang gliding, paragliding, and speed gliding non-profit organization providing oversight and safety-focused regulation of foot-launched aviation in Telluride, Colorado USA.

Telluride is a high-altitude, complex, mountain-flying environment.

Visiting pilots are required to receive a mandatory site orientation and be accompanied by a “Guide Pilot” for all flights no exceptions. This mandatory site orientation is given by the TAF membership free of charge.

Flying without authorization of the Telluride Air Force is a Misdemeanor punishable by a fine or imprisonment.

Use TAF uses the messenger app Telegram for organizing flights, vehicles, meetups. Contact TAF Guides directly.

2m FM transceiver frequency: 151.925

Federal Aviation Administration regulations state it is illegal to fly above 17,999 ASL.

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