Site Guides

Having a wide variety of flying sites is one of the key things that will make virtual hang gliding fun and worth your time to keep flying! You can find sites that are high altitude alpine sites, or low dune level flying by the sea. You can have jungles, deserts, cliffs, and ramps located all over the planet. Each site and its location and local weather changes make each site unique. You will also find that each site has its own peculiarities in what is required to fly there and actually soar!

Then we have the sites where you aerotow. This involves being towed by an ultralight airplane into the nearest thermal. No running! You just start right in a thermal. The easiest way to learn but also great fun when you want to fly with your friends or have casual competition. Very civilized.

Each new site you fly will increase your skill level and increase your enjoyment as you fly new scenery and have new things to learn.

We hope to help pilots all over the world create and share flying sites by letting you download sites here or you can submit new sites you have created to be shared.

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Let’s see how long it takes to get 100,000 sites!