Flying Adventures

Out aim is to document and capture all of our simulated flying adventures. We will probably do this with videos on our YouTube channel and we would encourage you to follow us there!

We are also going to document our journey from basically nothing at all, to full on real life Hang Gliding in virtual reality. This just going to happen, in fact, is happening. Just not for everyone.

Hang Gliding is an experience sport. That means it is best viewed as an experience. We encourage anyone and everyone who is interested to actually TRY it out, and virtual reality is the easiest way to do that. But if you are content to just watch and follow along, we welcome you to do so!

We will post up information about our adventure and things we learn about here in these pages, but most of our content will be visual story telling.

Come see the virtual world thru our eyes as we explore the world with Hang Gliders.