Hang Gliding Adventures

If you are a fan of hang gliding, you have come to the right place. This blog is dedicated to sharing the stories and experiences of hang gliding enthusiasts who have used various flight simulators to fly their virtual wings.

Hang gliding is a sport that involves flying a light and flexible wing that is controlled by the pilot’s body movements. It is a thrilling and exhilarating way to explore the sky and enjoy the beauty of nature. However, it is also a sport that requires a lot of skill, training and equipment. Not everyone has the opportunity or the resources to fly a real hang glider.

That’s why some hang gliding lovers have turned to flight simulators to fulfill their flying dreams. Flight simulators are computer programs that recreate aviation activities in a virtual way. They can simulate different types of aircraft, environments and scenarios. They can also provide a realistic and immersive experience for the user, especially when combined with a VR headset.

In this blog, you will find blog posts about hang gliding adventures that occurred using simulated hang gliders in various flight simulators, such as MSFS 2020, The Free Flight Experience and even older ones on Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX. You will read about the challenges and joys of flying a virtual hang glider in different locations, weather conditions and situations. You will also learn about the tools and techniques that can help you improve your virtual hang gliding skills.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, a real or a virtual pilot, or just curious about hang gliding, you will find something interesting and inspiring in this blog. We hope you enjoy reading our blog posts and join us in our hang gliding adventures.

Happy flying!

  • Scary Flight to Copper!

    Scary Flight to Copper!

    This was one of our best flights to date. Not because it was the longest, or highest (might be), or even the prettiest. No, it was just very realistic. I mean that in the most basic of terms, to be sure, but realistic in that we captured what was essentially a ‘Hang Glider Flight’.

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  • Flying Junction Butte

    Flying Junction Butte

    Today’s Task We setup a task to fly from Junction Butte, CO to Silverthorne CO. This is about a 50km task and pretty much has a high alpine ridge to fly most of the task course line. Junction Butte itself is a North – Northwest facing launch and the Williams Peak/Ute Peak range is best…

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We film, or at least try to, all of our Hang Gliding adventures! Click here to see these adventures on our YouTube Channel