The Hang Gliding Files Flight Park

Golden, Colorado – 39.786266, -105.211640, 1974 meters

This site is a virtual demonstration site that we at THGF are going to call our own.

We have always wanted to be able to fly North Table Mountain in Golden, but it was never going to be possible because of land ownership issues, access and the encroachment of new development.  This is a very common theme in the search for great flying sites!

We like the area because it has steep and/or cliff launches possible in 270 degrees (or more).   It has land-able terrain in all directions (even if the land owners might be hostile!).    Building multiple launch ramps would be very possible to make the launches even more accessible.   In addition, the entire top of the mountain is relatively flat so top landings are very possible.

That flat area on top is so large that we could set up an aerotow operation working at the same time!  You could winch tow too.  This creates a site that is highly soarable and all forms to Hang Gliding launch types could be taught our used at the same place.

Our last wish would be to put a Hang Gliding clubhouse on top that pilots and families could hang out at when not flying.  We would include camping and other fun activities for the whole family.

This is a real place. It fits our criteria for a being a “real” site. It has a road to the top and viable landing areas. It just isn’t a real-life site for real-life pilots. This site has been flown in the distant past, but that was very long ago. Our virtual version will look like the real site, have real weather and fly like we were actually at this site. But not we, or anyone, will ever have that chance in real-life. This level of simulation is going to let us not only fly where we cannot, it is going to let us develop it how we want and share it! We will make it exactly how we want it to be. So this is a ‘metaverse’ experiment. We do not need to purchase this land, nor sell access to it. We will just build a nice place to fly and see if anyone is interested. Open and free to anyone who cares.

While just a wish list, we can make this happen in the virtual world!

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