Virtual Reality

Get the best ‘cheap’ option you can right now. This technology is in flux and will change rapidly in coming years. Get something suitable and plan on replacing it in about 2-3 years with some alien technology that will be available then.

  • HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality Headset
  • Replacement and/or face cover plates

The Reverb is very high quality graphics, sound, controllers and microphone all in one package. It uses Inside out motion control so it does not require external location technology. You want Inside out. Built to work with Windows 10, and integrate smoothly with the HP PC, Intel CPU, and the NVIDIA GPU. The HP Reverb G2 v2 is a great mixed reality VR headset that works very well with Windows 10/11. We have had virtually no issues with it at all from the hardware side. It is considered a mid price headset and there are a lot of them out there because of this. Unfortunately HP decided to stop producing VR headsets and there is no other producers offering an alternative in this mid price range. There are a new low price range options but check these out before you buy. Finding a second hand HP Reverb G2 v1 or v2 should still be possible. There are also some fantastic options in the high price bracket.

Experiment with other headsets at your own risk. This is not easy technology to get working and functional at this point. Do not say you were not warned.