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Welcome to the site sharing section of our website, where you can find and share information about flying sites around the world. Whether you are a beginner or an expert pilot, you will discover new places to enjoy your passion for flying. Our goal is to create a community of pilots who can help each other find the best sites for their needs and preferences.

To share your flying site with us, you need to follow some simple rules. First, the site must be real and flyable. It doesn’t matter if it’s active or not, as long as it’s possible to fly there. Second, you need to provide us with some basic information about the site, such as: the location, the setup area, the launch area, the landing area and the access road. Third, you need to understand that by submitting your site, you are making it public and accessible to anyone who visits our website. We respect your privacy, but we cannot guarantee that your site will remain secret.

We will review your submission and verify its validity. If it meets our criteria, we will add it to our database of flying sites and publish it on our guide section. You will also receive a confirmation email from us. We appreciate your contribution, and we hope you will enjoy exploring our website.

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We expect you to send us a file you created using The Hang Gliding Files desktop application. This application will let design all of the details of your site! You can then export that information (creates a *.json and/or .zip). Compress that file into ZIP file and send that zip file to us. If you could include a screenshot or photo of your site in that ZIP file, we would appreciate that as well! Thanks.
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