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Mount Kenya is a majestic hang gliding site in Africa that offers spectacular views of the highest mountain in Kenya and the second highest in Africa. The site has a launch area next to the Lewis Glacier, one of the few remaining glaciers on the mountain, accessible by a challenging hike. The launch is suitable for expert pilots only, as it requires a high altitude and technical take off and landing. The site is not managed by any club or organization, so pilots need to obtain permission from the Kenya Wildlife Service and follow the national park regulations. The site is also open to paragliders and mountaineers.

Location and Directions

The site is located in the Mount Kenya National Park, in the central region of Kenya. To get to Mount Kenya, take a flight to Nairobi and then drive north for about 200 km on the A2 highway. Turn right onto the B6 road and follow it for about 40 km until you reach Nanyuki town. From there, you can hire a guide and a vehicle to take you to one of the park gates, such as Sirimon or Chogoria. The GPS coordinates of the launch are 0.1528° S, 37.3086° E.

Flying Conditions and Restrictions

The launch faces east and works best with winds from NE to SE at less than 10 km/h. The landing zone is a nearby national park airstrip, but it can be windy and obstructed by wildlife. Pilots need to have a radio and a helmet, and follow the park rules and regulations. The site is also used by helicopters and planes, so pilots need to be aware of the air traffic.

Best Times to Fly and Visit

The site is open year-round, but the best flying conditions are in January-February and July-August, when the weather is dry and clear. The site can also be flown in other months, but the weather may be cloudy or rainy.

More Information

For more information about Mount Kenya, you can visit the Kenya Wildlife Service website at or contact them at +254 20 2379407. You can also check out their reviews and photos on

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