Kenosha Pass

Jefferson, Colorado – 39.414677, -105.772724, 3180 meters

Located near Jefferson, CO, at the northeastern end of the south park basin, in Park County. Although this H2/P2 mountain site appears gentle and forgiving, conditions can change rapidly leading to dangerous flight conditions for both PG and HG (quickly becoming H3/P3+). The site sits at the top of the South Park basin and valley flow patterns (northerly/upslope conditions during daytime heating and southerly/downslope conditions) are the normal. Prior to flying this site, a thorough understanding of valley wind systems, wind compression, and thunderstorm hazards is highly recommended. Early morning conditions are mild. The site is good for HG, PG, and MW, and pilots learning mountain flying specifics. This is a high altitude site, solid and aggressive launch techniques required.

Circa 2009
A really good video of the site by Paraglider.

Notice the difference between the two videos and the feeling of each. The older Hang Gliding video is using much older video equipment (2009) and editing tools. It was shot in the Spring (you know because it is green!) The Paragliding video is much closer to what it would like like in real-life and is shot in the Fall (you see the Fall colors and everything else is brown). Better cameras (2020) make a huge difference. You get a much more accurate experience with the better clarity, sound and color palette. Also note the birds flying with him. This illustrates what we are trying to do with The Hang Gliding files. We want to bring you closer to the real experience of Hang Gliding using VR and flight simulators so that anyone can get this experience!

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