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Greylock is a state park and the highest point in MassachusettsIt is one of the few places in the northeastern United States where the public can see hang gliding up closeIt is located in Adams, Massachusetts.

There are two launch sites and two landing areas for hang gliding and paragliding at Greylock:

Flying Conditions and Restrictions

The flying conditions at Greylock are generally good year-round, but depend on the wind direction and speedThe best wind direction for both hang gliding and paragliding is east, but northeast to southeast winds are also possibleThe hang gliding launch requires a minimum of 10 mph of wind, while the paragliding launch requires a minimum of 8 mph of windThe maximum wind speed for both launches is 25 mph.

The restrictions at Greylock are as follows:

  • The rating for hang gliding is advanced, and the rating for paragliding is advanced or intermediate with exceptional ground handling skills. HG and PG intermediates may fly under direct supervision of a qualified USHPA observer, examiner, or advanced instructor.
  • Pilots must sign in at the parking hut each flying day and sign a permit/waiver once per calendar year.
  • No top landings are allowed on the mountain.
  • No commercial tandem flights are allowed.
  • Launch and landing areas are on state or city property, so no camping, fires, littering, or tree/bush cutting are allowed.

Best Times to Fly and Visit

The best times to fly at Greylock are late spring, summer, and early fall, when the weather is mild and the views are spectacular. The park is closed from late October to mid-May due to snowThe site is open from dawn to dusk.

More Information

For more information about hang gliding and paragliding in Massachusetts, you can visit the following websites or contact the following people:

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