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North America – USA – New York

Site Information

Ellenville is a popular hang gliding site in New York, located about 75 miles north of New York City. It is situated along the beautiful Shawangunk Mountain range, which offers spectacular views and challenging flying conditions. Ellenville has a take off altitude of 1,350 feet and a 30 acre landing field where the shop is located12It also has three gently sloped hills facing different wind directions, which allow for more flying opportunities3Ellenville is considered the “Hang Gliding Capital of the Northeast” and has a distance record of 201 miles and a duration record of 11-1/2 hours4.

Launch Sites

There are four launch sites at Ellenville, each with different orientations and characteristics. They are:

Landing Areas

There are two landing areas at Ellenville, both located near the shop.

Flying Conditions and Restrictions

Ellenville offers a variety of flying conditions depending on the wind direction, speed, and season. It can produce ridge, thermal, and wave lift for soaring and cross-country flights1. The best wind direction for flying is south-southwest, which aligns with the main launch and the ridge. The other launch sites can be used for different wind directions, but they may require more skill and experience to fly safely2The wind speed should be between 5 and 15 mph for optimal flying conditions2. The wind can be stronger or lighter depending on the time of day and the weather system.

Ellenville is subject to some restrictions that pilots should be aware of before flying. They are:

Best Times to Fly and Visit

Ellenville can be flown year-round, but the best time of year to visit is from late spring to early fall. The weather during this time period is generally mild and stable, making it ideal for paragliding1The temperatures are also comfortable, ranging from the 70s to the 80s in Fahrenheit2. The thermals are strong and consistent, allowing for long and high flights. The fall season also offers a stunning view of the colorful foliage as you glide over the changing leaves2.

The best time of day to fly at Ellenville depends on the wind direction and speed. The south launch is usually best in the afternoon, when the wind picks up and aligns with the ridge. The north launch is usually best in the morning, when the wind is lighter and more northerly. The east and west launches are best when the wind is easterly or westerly, respectively3The landing area can be challenging during mid-day conditions, so pilots should be cautious and prepared for turbulence and gusts2.

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