Valle de Bravo El Penon Del Diablo – Simulator Download

VALLE DE BRAVO EL PENON DEL DIABLO is a world-famous site for hang gliding and paragliding in Mexico. It is located near the town of Valle de Bravo, about 150 km west of Mexico City. The site offers a variety of flying conditions, from mountain thermals to flatland convergence, and has more than 300 flyable days a year. The best season starts in November and lasts until March or April, with cloud bases over 4500 m and long cross-country flights possible.

For more information about this site: Click here.

Do you want to fly this site in MSFS 2020?

Please download these files using the links below to add this exciting site to your personal database of hang glider flying sites!

Database Record

If you do not have this site’s coordinates and details loaded into your database, you can download this JSON file and then import that information directly into your application database. This will automatically update your ability to teleport to this site if you have already installed the Widget.

Competition Tasks


MSFS 2020 Scenery Package

The MSFS 2020 scenery package download can be installed into your Simulators community folder and will then become an available add-on to your simulator’s environment. This will add a ramp, windsocks and tell tails that will make this site much more immersive.

This is an Add-On modification package designed for the MSFS 2020 Flight Simulator.

You must install this add-on into your community folder for your installed MSFS 2020 installation! That is all there is to it.  There is nothing else for you to do!

If you do not know how or cannot access the community folder of your MSFS 2020 installation, then do not download this file and/or call us for help.

Just Read the Instructions.