Valle de Bravo El Penon Del Diablo – Site Guide

North America – Mexico – Estado De Mexico

Site Information

VALLE DE BRAVO EL PENON DEL DIABLO is a world-famous site for hang gliding and paragliding in Mexico. It is located near the town of Valle de Bravo, about 150 km west of Mexico City. The site offers a variety of flying conditions, from mountain thermals to flatland convergence, and has more than 300 flyable days a year. The best season starts in November and lasts until March or April, with cloud bases over 4500 m and long cross-country flights possible.

There are two main launch sites: El Penon and La Torre. El Penon is the main site for competitions and cross-country flying, while La Torre is a ridge soaring site above the lake. Both sites are suitable for hang gliders and paragliders, but El Penon requires a higher level of skill and experience.

The coordinates of the launch and landing areas are:

Flying Conditions and Restrictions

VALLE DE BRAVO EL PENON DEL DIABLO offers a variety of flying conditions, depending on the site, the season and the time of day. Generally, the conditions are:

  • El Penon: The main site for cross-country flying and competitions. It works with south-east winds and starts working as early as 11 am. The thermals are strong and consistent, reaching up to 6 m/s and allowing pilots to climb up to 4500 m or more. The site offers many options for cross-country routes, from flatland to mountain flying, with many landing options along the way. The launch conditions can blow out once the midday heat overwhelms the valley floor, so it is advisable to launch early and avoid the witching hour. The landing zone is a large grassy field near the town of Temascaltepec, about 20 km from launch. There are some rules for approach and landing that pilots must follow to avoid conflicts with other pilots and locals.
  • La Torre: The ridge soaring site above the lake. It works with west winds and is flyable almost every afternoon. It needs only 12 km/h of wind to soar along the ridge, which is about 500 m high. The site is suitable for beginners and intermediate pilots who want to enjoy the view of the lake and the town. The landing zone is the same as for El Penon, but closer to the lake.

Some general restrictions and safety tips for flying in Valle de Bravo are:

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