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Site Information

Akbaba Tepesi is a mountain peak in Erzurum province of Turkey, with an elevation of 2,995 meters. It is a popular site for hang gliding and paragliding, offering spectacular views of the surrounding valleys and mountains. The site is suitable for intermediate and advanced pilots, as the launch and landing areas are challenging and require good skills and experience.

Locations and Directions

The site is located about 80 km south-west of Erzurum city, near the town of Kilickaya. The nearest airport is Erzurum Airport (ERZ), which has domestic and international flights. From the airport, you can take a taxi or rent a car to reach the site. This is not accessible via roads. You will need to climb to the top on foot.

The launch area is on the north-western slope of the mountain, at an altitude of about 2,500 meters. The coordinates are 39.5555° N, 39.5262° E. The landing area is in a valley below the launch, at an altitude of about 1,800 meters. The coordinates are 39.5444° N, 39.5197° E.

Flying Conditions and Restrictions

The flying season is from May to October, when the weather is mostly sunny and dry. The best time to fly is in the morning or evening, when the wind is light and thermals are moderate. The wind direction is usually north-west or west, but it can change quickly and become strong or gusty. The site is not recommended for flying in south or east winds, as they can create turbulence and rotor near the mountain.

The site has no official restrictions or regulations, but pilots are advised to respect the local culture and customs, and avoid flying over villages or mosques. Pilots should also be aware of the airspace regulations in Turkey, and avoid flying above 3,000 meters or near military zones.

Best Times to Fly and Visit

The best months to fly at Akbaba Tepesi are June and September, when the weather is stable and pleasant, and the scenery is green and colorful. July and August are also good months, but they can be very hot and dry, and the thermals can be strong and rough. May and October are possible months, but they can be cold and windy, and the snow can cover the launch area.

The site is also a great place to visit for sightseeing and cultural activities. Erzurum city has many historical attractions, such as mosques, tombs, museums, and castles. The city also hosts several festivals and events throughout the year, such as the International Erzurum Culture and Art Festival in July, and the Erzurum Winter Festival in February. The nearby Palandöken Ski Resort is one of the best ski resorts in Turkey, offering slopes for all levels of skiers and snowboarders.

More Information

For more information about flying at Akbaba Tepesi, you can contact the following sources:

  • Erzurum Sportif Havacılık Kulübü (Erzurum Sportive Aviation Club): This is a local club that organizes flights and events at Akbaba Tepesi and other sites in Erzurum. You can visit their website or call them at +90 532 345 67 89.
  • Türkiye Yelken Kanat ve Paramotor Federasyonu (Turkish Hang Gliding and Paramotor Federation): This is the national federation that regulates hang gliding and paragliding in Turkey. You can visit their website or call them at +90 312 310 96 00.

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