Tow Plane Mod for MSFS 2020

How to get a much stronger version of the Cessna Tow Plane in MSFS 2020

Cessna 172 Tow Plane Modification

Ever get stuck trying to launch your fully water-loaded, 1000 lb. sailplane off some grass or dirt runway?  Then this tow plane will help you with that.

Watch a comparison between the Asobo default and this Modification here!

Step 1:

This is a new Cessna Aircraft MOD for MSFS 2020. It is available for free at:

Download the 172 from the link above and unzip it.

Step 2:

Make that aircraft a tow plane.

Then copy the included aircraft.cfg file to the 172 file and accept the overwrites.
Drop or link the 172 mod aircraft to the community folder and start MSFS 2020. Select any towable glider and set the takeoff method to this 172 you should see there along with the winches. There will be several Liveries for the 172 and they are all this 172.

What happens:

This 172 has a 210 hp engine and Tundra tires which makes it more suitable for towing high performance sailplanes from short and or rough fields. It lifts off in a short distance and climbs steeply. The MSFS LS 18 does not even lift off the ground before this tow plane starts a steep climb. If you pull the stick back in the sailplane anyway and try to follow the climb it works fine. Can take a few tries to get it right. Other Sailplanes can lift off before this tow plane and the proceeds as any normal tow except for the steep climb angle.

Potential issues:

The first time you spawn on a field with a glider and this towplane MSFS 2020 updates it’s files for this new configuration but does not update the current flight. So, either the towplane will not respond to the start the tow signal or the screen may freeze, and you may be able to hit the escape key to return to the menu or not. If you get to the menu, simply return to your flight and continue. If not, you may have to restart MSFS 2020 and try it again.

So far, every glider tested has worked on the second try and from then on. Updates to MSFS 2020 may change its files requiring this to be done again for each glider towed with this 172.

Hold on to your hat on launch, this thing is a rocket!

This Tow Plane is not compatible for use with Hang Gliders!

Notice !! – Further testing has shown that not only do you need two tries with every new Sailplane but with every new Sailplane and Livery combo. This is because of the way MSFS defines an Aircraft and it is based on the Livery and the Aircraft. This does not apply to the Towplane it is an exception.