THGF Hawk Stand Alone Glider

Glider can be used without the Widget

 THGF Hawk – Stand Alone

This glider does not require you to install the widget to see this glider in the MSFS 2020 Hanger.

The reason for this is that it does not have a working variometer.  That only exists in the widget.  Without the widget, this glider is only launchable using winch or aerotow or just slewing the glider into the air.   If all you want to do is just try out virtual hang glider without going any deeper down the rabbit hole, this glider is for you.
It can be replaced by the full version at any time, and you can use it with the widget if you like, but it will never have a working variometer.

The THGF Hawk  is a hang glider of the floater type.  This glider can be flown in very light conditions and still soar.   A great first glider that will give new hang glider pilots confidence in launching, landing, and flying a hang glider in MSFS 2020.

This glider has a speed range of 18-50 mph, a sink rate of 100 f/min and a maximum glide ration 12/1.

Model Details
This glider comes with a highly detailed model for a hang glider.  All components of the glider are included:

  • Aircraft frames include multiple Control frame types.
  • Animated pilot that moves with control movements
  • Highly detail Harness.
  • Variometer that position can be configured.
  • Detailed fabric sail cloth.

This glider comes with 3 liveries.

All liveries have a configurable variometer that can be placed in multiple positions.

This glider can be winch towed, aerotowed (with an appropriate tow vehicle) from any airport that is supported in MSFS 2020.   You can also slew the aircraft to any location on Planet Earth

Requires basic flight controls: Ailerons, elevator, spoilers, gear position.

The glider has an animated pilot that moves with control movements.  This includes a detailed model. The Sail is flexible and is animated for proper sail behavior.

This glider is a stand-alone aircraft that you can download and try basic hang gliding in MSFS 2020, but if you want it to do more than this you can visit our website and download the following free applications that will let you do the following:

  The Hang Gliding Files Widget – The Hang Gliding Files

  •  Foot-launch your glider from any mountain and maneuver your glider on the ground.
  • Allow you to teleport to any of our current 360+ sites.
  • Make your variometer on your glider active
  • Gives you a flight computer on your glider to navigate tasks.
  • Gives you 60+ pre-built, soarable weather presets.

Your Personal Site Database – The Hang Gliding Files

  • Create your own new flying sites and use them in MSFS 2020
  • Create your own custom scenery within MSFS 2020 without any coding.
  • Manage flight tasks you can fly with friends.
  • Install flight tasks into the variometer/flight computer to activate that inside MSFS 2020.

Our website:
The Hang Gliding Files

Our Discord:

Youtube Channel

[email protected]


Release Notes:

  • Modified cockpit view camera of pilot to be better for VR pilots

  • Removed ghost aircraft in hanger.
  • Upgraded variometer display.