If you love hang gliding but can’t always go out and enjoy the real thing, then simulated hang gliding is the next best thing! You can experience the thrill of soaring through the sky without leaving your home. But how do you get started with simulated hang gliding? Well, one of the most important things you need is a site!

A site is like your virtual airport in the simulator. It’s where you spawn into the game and get ready for your flight. A site should have a good geographic location that matches the real world as much as possible. You want to have a realistic scenery and terrain that you can explore and glide over. A site should also be safe for landing and taking off. You don’t want to spawn in the middle of a busy road or a steep cliff. You want to have a flat and clear area that is out of the wind. That way, you can easily control your glider and avoid crashing.

A site can have more than one launch point, but usually one is enough. A launch point is where you start your flight from. It should be high enough to give you enough altitude and speed to glide smoothly. It should also be facing the right direction for the wind. You don’t want to launch into a headwind or a crosswind that will make you lose control of your glider. You want to launch into a tailwind that will help you gain speed and lift.

So, how do you find a good site for simulated hang gliding? Well, there are many sites available here online that you can download and install in your simulator. Some of them are based on real locations, while others are fictional but still fun to fly in. You can also create your own site using a map editor or a terrain generator. You can customize your site to suit your preferences and skills. You can make it easy or challenging, scenic or urban, sunny or cloudy. The choice is yours!

Simulated hang gliding is a great way to enjoy your favorite sport anytime and anywhere. All you need is a good site and a good simulator. Then you can fly like a bird and have a blast!

  • Mt. Tamborine – Site Guide

    Mt Tamborine is a popular hang gliding site in Queensland, Australia, located about 50 minutes from Brisbane and 30 minutes from Gold Coast. It offers spectacular views of the hinterland and the coast, as well as a variety of flying conditions for different skill levels.

    Mt. Tamborine – Site Guide
  • Flying Fox – Site Guide

    Flying Fox is a hang-gliding and paragliding site located in the Gold Coast hinterland, Queensland, Australia. It is regarded by many as the hidden gem of SE QLD flying sites, with spectacular views of the Lamington National Park and the Numinbah Valley.

    Flying Fox – Site Guide

Find a site you might like to download and try or upload a site you have create for others to enjoy!